Saturday, February 14, 2009

It's half past 2 in the morning and I am on my 3rd coffee. I am off to germany in 10 minutes and it is a 10-hour-drive, but I wasn't able to sleep last night (too scared I might oversleep and miss the ferry). I hope the crossing isn't too rough, the shipping report didn't sound too promising (wind strength 4-5 with occasional gales of up to 7). BF assured me that this is not a smooth crossing. Yikes.

We have made up. I couldn't keep the snooping to myself and confronted him as soon as he woke up. He apologized and we had a long talk. I hope he meant it, all I have is his word, but I think he realized what he would be risking. He has been good since then. While we are away he will give up smoking, glad we are 600miles away. We should escape the worst of the grumpyness.

Maybe I will try as well. Parents are very forgiving ;-)

Looking forward to being spoilt by my parents for a week, will write when I come back (yummy german food and beer YAY)

Have fun soaping (my parents are getting a year's supply of my first soaps, lol)


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