Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sorry for not posting for a while. I literally had the floor pulled out from under my feet.

On the same weekend that I found out that my landlady has cancelled our rental contract I found out that I have been made redundant. This sent me into a spin of "rabbit in the headlights" and I am only just slowly coming out of it. Apparently a letter was sent to us in February (not recorded delivery) to cancel our rental contract by the 12th of May. I never recived that letter so when I found out we had less than 4 weeks to find a new place.

We managed to find one and were supposed to be moving in last weekend, but today I found out that it has fallen through. We have now overstayed our welcome here by 2 days and have nowhere to go. Thankfully, just before I went into hibernation to bury my head in the sand, I managed to grab an appointment with the housing officer here (apparently that was extremley lucky as they usually have a 3-month waiting-list) and I will see them tomorrow. As I am now job-less and there doesn't seem to be anything out there either (sorry, working at McD is not beneath me, but just doesn't pay the bills), I may finally have a chance at a council place. I have been on the housing list as a single mum since 1996, but as I have always been stupid enough to find my own place (even when that meant getting into debt and working 2 jobs), I never ever managed to even slowly move to the top of the list and actually have moved down.

Only issue I have is my cat, as we would not be able to take him to B&B / Hostel accomodation if that is all they will offer us. I am hoping to be able to get him fostered by the cat's protection league. He is not a very social cat and tends to fight quite a bit and all the friends who would be able to take a cat already have one or more.

So now I have the difficult taks to tell my current landlady that we are not able to move out by Friday and they are threatening us with legal action which we will have to pay for (from what ? If I have no job, I can't pay ????)

I am very stressed out right now and frazzled. Sadly the BF and my daughter are having to suffer from it the most, but it is a very scary position to be in.

4 years ago, I owned my own home and holidayed abroad 3-4 times a year, now the cardboard box is looming. I hate the credit crunch.....

I sit here content my thoughts and my feelings
Remembering who I used to be
The life I have now is much more appealing
No hurries no worries for me

A bench by the shore a coat for my pillow
A future with no guarantee
The world was a rat race and I had my fill oh
No hurries no worries for me

Homeless Happiness
My castle’s the stars and the sea
Homeless Happiness
If this door is freedom then I’ve found the key

Homeless Happiness by Madeleine Peyroux