Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Thank you for the comments. Thankfully things have calmed down now. The girl who lost her mobile made a peace offering to my daughter and they no longer argue, but my daughter wont trust her anymore and has lost a friend. Still sad, but she has plenty of other girls to hang out with and funny enough, the other friends she has don't smoke or drink and seem to do well at school. So I am actually quite happy.

We have received the dreaded R word at work. I know 4 people from my department have to go. We are 52 in this department. But they wont tell us who goes and who stays until the 29th April. This is agony. This is like an extended Big Brother Nominations week. I can't relly make any plans until then and I am not sure if I should look for a new job or not. Am I safe ? I have no idea. From our department i have been with the company the longest. This may be a good thing, or it could backfire on me, as this means I am the highest earner due to previous annual pay-increases.
If they are not going to tell us until the 29th, why mention anything now ?? What is is with that stupid consultation period ? Consulting what ? The crystal ball ? I am sure they have already made up their mind who they want to see gone, so what's the point ? If I am one of the leavers what are they going to consult with me ? How high they are going to kick me out of the door ???

On the other hand I will get 18 weeks worth of pay, most of it tax free, so if it should happen, I think it's time to get the business off the ground and stop treating this as a hobby.

I made some more soap this week, and although it seized terribly on me, it ended up looking really good and smelly divine. Might try this again - croap soap