Tuesday, August 07, 2012

1 month in

So, it's been about a month now and we still have food in the freezer. This lasted really well and mostly worked ok. Some dishes weren't really to our taste, so we wont make them again, some turned out perfect and will make it back on to a future list.
I definitely saved loads of money and haven't been near the big supermarket since I last did the big shop. I just go to the local place to buy milk and bread. That's all we needed.
Now it's coming to the end of the pre-cooked meals, we are starting to run out of a couple of things. Grated cheese, cat food, bacon and some spices. Not bad at all.

Next week it will be shopping and cooking again. By then the freezer will be empty. So in total my investment of £138 lasted me 6 weeks. That works out as £3.28/day, laundry powder and cat food included. Can't complain. And we haven't thrown any food away (apart from a bit of rice or pasta where we cooked too much). I am actually looking forward to next month's session.

Now we just need summer to start and I will be happy!