Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It is a mystery - I am stumped....and I don't know what to do....

Friday night my daughter Vic's best friend slept over. We were sitting on the sofa watching TV and the girls were giggling and playing around on their mobiles (typical 13-year-olds). We asked them to go to bed at 9:30pm. They got up, went to the kitchen for some night-time supplies (god I wish I still had their metabolism) and then into the bathroom to do their hair, go to the toilet and clean their teeth. My daughter decided to have a shower and wash her hair. While she was in the shower, her friend said she can't find her mobile. Vic was still in the shower and asked her to ring it from her phone. Her friend said it came back with "currently unavailable". She looked for it and when Vic came out of the shower they both started looking for it, but couldn't find it. They went to bed, thinking it would re-appear in the morning. The next morning, they looked everywhere, but no luck. They woke me up at 8:30am to help them look. I was working nights that day, so I would have normally had a lie-in, but no such luck - I was pestered into submission to help look for it. No luck. Her friend's mum came round and shouted at her daughter for losing a brand new mobile. I told her that I was going to do the spring cleaning this week and that I was sure it would turn up somewhere. She grumped and left - I assumed she was just angry at her daughter.

At about 11am the mum rings me and screeches at me that we are a family of thieves and that she is calling the police and how dare I not have finished the housework yet, when her daughter's phone was missing. Hello ? I had a 12-hour nightshift ahead of me and was woken up at 8:30 already.

BF and me decided to go on a mission to find the darn thing. We started in the kitchen - nothing. We looked under the fridge, inside the bins and every single drawer. Nada

Bathroom - not many places to hide things there and also no luck.

Daughter's bedroom - we took the place apart. Matress off the bed, every single drawer and box in there, the wardrobe, behind and under every shelf. Nothing. (and hell on earth must be a teenager's bedroom)

We checked the whole front room. Under the sofa, around the shelves, behind the TV - nothing.

Short of taking up the floorboards, we have searched the whole house. The phone is nowhere to be found.

Mum rings back at 4 and again threatens me with the police. I say, fell free to call them and send a sniffer dog round, but we cannot find this phone. No one has left the house, no one came round and there was nowhere left for my daughter to hide the phone, should she have taken it, which she was accused of. So mum now accuses me or the BF to have stolen it. WTF ??? It is a nice phone, but probably worth about £20 on the street (if I would know anyone who would buy it). Why would I want to steal it ? Of my daughter's best friend ???

My daughter is being treated like a criminal by us at the moment and she and her bags are searched everytime she leaves the house - I feel bad about it, but have explained to her that at least if the police comes round, I can confirm that Vic hasn't taken it out of the house. She is ok with it. (in a grumpy teenager kind of way). Thankfully she trusts me and doesn't feel too put out by me going through her pockets. She hasn't got anything to hide.

But I still don't understand the disappearing phone. The only person who did leave the house unchecked was Vic's best friend when she went home in the morning. But why would she claim that she had lost her mobile - she only had it for 2 weeks and it was the one she wanted ? And why do it round her best friend's house ?? My daughter has no reason to steal it, she has the phone she wants and doesn't even like that particular phone as it is a slider and she keeps breaking those.

The girls were together all evening - like typical 13-year-olds, glued together at the hips. The only time they were seperate was the 15 minutes while my daughter was in the shower and that was when her friend lost her phone. How can you lose a mobile between the kitchen and the bathroom ??? It's a Victorian Semi we live in, not a footballers mansion.

My BF and me were sitting on the sofa at the time and didn't move, other than to get more drinks from the kitchen.

Her mum claims she called the mobile operator and they said the last call received was at 9pm and at 10 past 10 that evening the phone was physically switched off and she insists that the phone was fully charged and had batteries left for another 3 days. My daughter says the phone was nearly empty when they were on the sofa, as they were taking photos of everything and generally played around with it. At 10 past 10 my daughter was in the shower, and my BF and me were sitting on the sofa. I know as I shouted that it was way past bedtime and that I would switch the hot water off at quarter past, if she wouldn't get a move on. And how come the call from my daughter's mobile to her friend's mobile never registered ?

Something really stinks here. Her friend now tells everyone at school that my daughter is a thief and no one talks to her anymore.

This is what is says on my daughter's facebook today:

Vickie wishes she was dead sometimes.

This makes me so sad. I don't know what to do and what the hell happened here......

Anyone got any ideas ????

No song either today - too freaked out