Monday, February 01, 2010

I just found this List on the Indie Business Blog and had to share it. It made me chuckle, especially as I think I am already half way through the list and the business hasn't even proper started off yet (4 more weeks - panic)

Here is the link to the original (I don't know how to do trackbacks, sorry)
Indie Business Blog - 99-small-business-mistakes-and-how-you-can-avoid-them

1. Relying on your son’s friend’s cousin’s father to design your website.
Nope, have to do that myself. Thankfully I have found Joomla as HTML and me are not compatible

2. Not getting some kind of smart phone.
Had one, hated it. I am back to basics and loving it - for everything else there is Netbooks

3. Using other people’s money without a plan to pay it back.
Guilty - long story but will hopefully be sorted soon (and wasn't related to the business)

4. Not delegating enough.
According to my teenager I am delegating far too much

5. Abandoning your email newsletter (or not launching one.)
umm - guilty, another thing to plan

6. Not exercising.
don't swear at me - I am far too cozy here

7. Resisting new technologies.
I hate smartphones ?

8. Expecting to receive before you give.
nope - cannnot say I've done that one

9. Burning bridges, then trying to rebuild them without an apology.
Burning Bridges, yes - rebuilding them ? Nope. Wouldn't have burnt them without a reason in the first place

10. Asking someone you barely know to be your mentor.
Does reading business-start-up-blogs fall under this ?

11. Trying to get rich quick.
Of course - thats why I play the lottery every week. Can't fault a girl for trying.

12. Talking about what you’re going to do instead of doing it.
oh yes - that's me down to a tee. But have a plan and need to stick to it, soon...

13. Constantly comparing yourself to your competitors.
I am, but with a smile and a "One day I will be there as well". I admire at least some of my competitors and see them as an inspiration

14. Being a poor follower.
I follow everyone and anyone, I do anything to avoid doing any "real" work

15. Letting cobwebs grow on your blog.
ok - I do, sorry. But it really isn't that interesting to blog about my cat's flea treatment or last night's dinner. Some of us just have a boring life, ok ? ;-))

16. Not giving your blog enough time to “catch on.”
Oh I've given it time...wonder if anyone will come back with flea treatment tips...

17. Complaining and whining.
yup - sometimes, especially when grocery shopping...I hate it

18. Bad mouthing your competitors.
I try not to, see point 13

19. Not participating at other people’s blogs.
Not guilty, I do

20. Asking for help before you’ve done some legwork of your own.
yes, sometimes I am lazy and "forget" there is a search-button on most Forums...

21. Giving when you cannot afford to give.
But the guy's dog was cute and he looked like he needed a cup of coffee

22. Automating too much of your social media outreach.
You can automate it ??? Please don't tell me I need a smartphone for that ?

23. Expecting your use of social media to perform miracles for you.
Everyone needs miracles...maybe I need to move to 34th street

24. Buying or hiring without comparing pricing and offers.
Not guilty - supply-shopping would be so much faster, if I wouldn't check at least 15 sites for each article and then work out shipping costs...

25. Not learning HTML.
I tried - honest, we are not compatible. But thank the geeks, there is Joomla. I am finally on the way to a website

26. Using your logo or pet ferret (or cat or dog or goldfish) as your avatar.
Guilty, guilty and guilty (but my Apistogramma was a real beauty)

27. Doing things because you said you would do them, even when they don’t work.
Nope - don't see the point...

28. Taking stupid chances.
I don't do Rollercoasters...too scared...

29. Failing to distinguish between what your business needs and what it (or you) wants.
Oh yes, but I always talk myself round and say I did need it...

30. Not creating and using a Twitter account.
Doing both

31. Spending too much money.
Don't we all ? I buy "Extra Value", that does mean I can buy twice as much, doesn't it ??

32. Not spending enough money.
Nope - not guilty

33. Not setting basic work hours.
Basic work hours ? I am glad to be out of the 9-5, I love having erratic work hours (maybe that's why I always loved working shifts)

34. Forgetting to say, “please” and “thank you.”
Sorry - I do. I am working on it

35. Passing the buck.
Noone to pass the buck to - I do ocasionally blame the cycle of the moon though..

36. Not understanding the laws that affect your business.
Not an option in my business

37. Not laughing at yourself.
Not guilty - as you can see from this blog entry

38. Underpricing your products and services.
No way (I hope)

39. Thinking that all you need to be successful is a good idea.
Isn't it ?

40. Maintaining non-performing employees because you like them as people.
Hmm - got no employees, but the OH is still here...(actually he did text over xmas, but my phone didn't receive the message until 5 days later)

41. Being a bit too easily offended.
Nope - definitley NOT guilty. Quite the opposite, I don't get the hint sometimes

42. Not using YouTube because you don’t like how your hair looks.
or my face, my shoulders and my neck...No Youtube from me for a while yet

43. Analysis paralysis.
Not sure what that is ?

44. Doing things when you feel like doing them instead of creating systems.
yes, guilty as charged, I thought that's the point of being self-employed ? (Tax Office may disagree)

45. Thinking people will buy your products just because they are great.
They don't ??????????

46. Requesting social connections and endorsements from people who don’t know you.
But I know them, is that not enough ?

47. Putting your smart phone in the washing machine.
Thankfully it was a cheap Nokia at the time, but it would have been a deserved death for my Smartphone - mine made close contact with my Office-Wall instead...

48. Going to a pot luck dinner empty-handed.
My local Kebab shop doesn't expect me to bring anything ? But it is pot luck what's in the meat

49. Believing there is any such thing as an overnight success.
There isn't ? But X-Factor and Big Brother tell us there is ??? It must be true...

50. Lowering your prices because of a poor economy.
Nope, not yet

51. Not MasterMinding.
I am blonde, this sounds scary..

52. Failing to ask for the sale.
Guilty - I suck at sales...Something I definitley need to work on

53. Committing before you know what’s involved.
That's called a marriage ?? (you think you know...)

54. Not standing up for yourself.
Not guilty - ever

55. Being mean.
I try not to be, unless you are a cold caller from India. Sometimes I just sound mean, as I have a German Accent (shame that the cold callers don't get this though)

56. Trying to kill too many birds with one stone.
I got a cat for that

57. Not killing enough birds with one stone.
He usually misses

58. Not introducing yourself.
Before or after the cigarette ?

59. Mistaking “hobbying” for being in business.
Guilty, but getting there

60. Failing to accept your position as a publisher.
Not sure I understand that

61. Not opening a business bank account.
Can't too expensive for now, banks are mean

62. Not consulting an accountant.
I wish my business was accountancy - they charge a fortune !

63. Not getting help with the kids.
More like not getting the kids to help enough ;-)

64. Not scheduling regular business hours.
I am strictly a non 9-5 girl.

65. Not celebrating small victories.
The hangovers are a killer though

66. Giving up.
No chance

67. Not giving up.
I know I should, but I am allergic to Nicotice patches

68. Going to a pot luck dinner empty-handed.
He does expect me to pay..

69. Diluting your brand with Google ads.
Can't afford them (phew)

70. Thinking that doing nothing is not making a decision.
Doing nothing is like playing dead

71. Not tooting your horn.
toot toot - need to do that more, but scared of boring people to death

72. Failing to nurture connections in your own back yard.
I have a familiy of Foxes and at least 4 stray cats there...might have to do a fundraiser for the RSPCA...

73. Going to a pot luck dinner empty-handed.

74. Trying to be someone you are not.
I do try to be posh and sophisticated, but I fail every time...I should give up and be scruffy old me, I guess

75. Not listening.
Huh ? You said ?

76. Trying to be all things to all people.
Isn't that what all mums do ?

77. Believing that there is no power greater than yourself.
Ask my OH - there isn't ;-)

78. Not carving out specific areas of expertise that you are known for.
Swearing in 4 different languages ?

79. Not admitting your mistakes.
Not guilty, I hope

80. Inappropriate use of Flash technology.
Lol, I am too old for that

81. Not sharing.
The Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough is mine....get your own ;-)

82. Not calendaring.
I do, but then ignore the reminders

83. Not planning.
see above

84. Not setting priorities and non-negotiables.
Mum of a Teenager - this point is NOT optional !

85. Small thinking.
Never, I already think I am as big as McD, just surprised that the people down the road have never heard of me, they need to get out more ;-)

86. Having a “launch and lunch” mentality.
Lunch ? Someone said lunch break ??

87. Being too hard on yourself.
Otherwise I'd never get out of bed before midday

88. Not learning from your mistakes.
Hopefully not guilty

89. Not setting up the best profile page possible.
One day I will get my head around HTML

90. Thinking that social media is just idle chatter.
Tweet... ;-)

91. Thinking you don’t have enough time.
More like thinking "I have loads of time....and then panicking"

92. Failing to include your spouse or significant other in your business.
I try, but apparently it's illegal to make soap from human fat ;-)

93. Not blogging.
Sorry for not blogging often enough

94. Semi-spamming people.
There is a semi-spamming ?

95. Not exposing yourself.
See point 80..

96. Not using spell check.

97. Taking on work you hate or are not qualified to do in order to get work you like.
Bills need paying...

98. Not giving credit where credit is due.
I hope not, but if I have forgotten anyone, please say and I will correct it

99. Sending the one type of email message that is worse than spam.
There are worse things than Spam ??????????