Thursday, October 22, 2009

yeah, of course it couldn't last. He is back to sitting on the sofa, putting his feet up (with his shoes on !!!) and I am back to coming home from work and spending the rest of the evening cooking, cleaning and doing general housework. I know it's a hard life to sit in front of the TV all day but at least a bit of effort isn't too much to ask ???

Apparently it's all my fault as I didn't cook the last 3 days when I was at home with a cold lying flat out in bed with every single bone hurting and generally feeling totally washed out. I am really getting fed up here.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hello all

we have finally moved house. The new place is absolutely georgeous and we are slowly settling in. Way too much stuff is still in various boxes and the kitchen is in chaos as we ran out of moving boxes and ended up just emptying things everywhere we could find a space. So currently the pepper is between the plates and the olive oil was found hiding behind the salad bowls. We are still re-arranging our kitchen-gadgets, as soon as they have found a permanent place we can move the rest of the things around.

I have finally managed to find most of my clothes which is a good thing, I got a bit bored with one pair of work-trousers and one pair of jeans. I really hate moving house and hope we will stay here for a long time.

I am now on a cooking-strike. I am fed up with working (evne though it's only a 6-hour-day) and then coming home to housework, cooking and cleaning while the BF sits at home all day doing nothing. I showed him where the cleaning stuff is, what a dust bunny looks like and I have placed the cook-books on a living room shelf, next to the TV, so he can't miss them. If he wants to eat, he will have to cook. Well, that worked until his mum gave him about 100 pot-noodles as a moving-in-present. Grrrr.....But, I have to say, so far we had lovely dinner every evening. I am hoping it will last as my patience is really wearing thin by now.

I took some photos of our lovely garden today, but completley forgot that I don't yet have a graphics program installed on my PC. Not usually a problem, but all my software CDs are ina box somewhere, and I can't be asked to go and find them. They could be anywhere !!! So I decided to download Gimp. With a 10meg connection, much faster than finding my PSP CD. But I am struggling. I can't get it to do what I want when I want and it takes me ages to do even simple tasks. I guess rooting round the boxes it is...

I gotta go, as I have some soap to pack for a Halloween swap and as a samle thingie at work tomorrow. I can't find the lipbalms, so they will have to wait and I still need to work on my website and get my head round Dreamweaver. Sigh, will the geeky stuff never stop ???