Monday, June 27, 2011

Ok, nothing quite so dramatic – but I decided to give up smoking. Actually that’s wrong. I decided to stop smoking. I have been reading the Easyway Book and I am trying to convince myself that I am not giving up anything, as cigarettes do not give me anything, and therefore I am merely stopping to smoke.

Cravings have been bearable today, although I have a severe case of the munchies and am starting to feel slightly sick now from eating too much. I have found that drinking ice cold water helps quite a bit when my lungs get confused and wonder where the next tar coating is coming from. I have felt dizzy a couple of times as well today, similar to breathing too hard when blowing up a balloon. I guess my body is just not used to all this oxygen.

I do catch myself on planning my next cigarette before I realize that I no longer smoke. That is quite annoying. But it’s to be expected, habits just need to be broken and formed into something else. I am also slightly fidgety and find it difficult to concentrate.

It’s only day one, and I am already whingeing for England!! Early night tonight me thinks…