Saturday, November 06, 2010

Well, long time no posting, but a least one of my plans has come into action and OH has left the building. He moved out in September. I did feel bad as I threw him out a week before his birthday, but there would have always been a reason for "not right now", so I just stuck to my guns. He has been back a couple of times, actually only just left after staying with us for 3 days, but it's getting less and less and I still like having him around in small doses and sober.
Now it is time to sort out my business. I did take the job I was talking about, so we have a little bit more money coming in, although not too much, as all my benefits were cut instead. Can't win in this country. Due to that, I will really really have to make this soap business work. I have been planning lots and lots of things and need to revamp my whole line-up and I want to change the way my stall looks as well. And I need to sit down and do some serious business planning, like proper on paper, so I can't keep changing my mind. Like about the fairs. I wasn't going to do markets and fairs any more, as they aren't really worth it, but I had so many invitations on the back of fairs I have done and they have become better and bigger (and more expensive) as well, so I decided I give them another year and see what happens. It is just difficult to fit them into my work schedule as I work 4 weekends in a row and then have 4 weekends off, so I cannot do any regular markets and I think to really make these work, I need to have regular market stalls. I am now mainly doing one-off events.
Next year I want to start doing home-spa-parties and corporate tables, as I am also off during the week a lot.
Well a lot of planning ahead of me and streamlining my offerings, then it's all go.
The postcard above is our goal this year (my darling daughter really is a big help)

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