Thursday, January 15, 2009

oops, I have slipped on my blog. Sorry.

My excuse is that the BF was here last week and I had much better things to do than to sit at the PC ;-) We had a pretty good time, apart from a disasterous ending to a night out on Saturday and a massive hangover on Sunday. I have a massive bruise on my knee and I think I may have injured my ellbow. I am sure it will heal...

Made some nice soap on Saturday, my first try of Lard soap. Not that impressed yet, but it smells nice (Lavender & patchouli). It is nice and white, which makes a change from my usual orange (I can only find unrefined Palm Oil at the corner shop), but still a bit sticky and it took forever to harden. I think I may have soaped too cold and as the rain butt was frozen, I had to use tap water and it is covered in Ash. Somehow that makes it look quite good though...velvety white.

On the personal side of life, the BF and me had a nice talk on Tuesday and he is moving back in next week. YAY. Something good, at last. I missed him so much.

Child Benefit payments are late and I am broke, but I have my head full of recipes to make more soap. Hopefully I get paid before the BF moves in as I want to make him some Valentine's soap.
Maybe go begging to the bank tomorrow to see if I can get some money that way. I am good at grovelling and begging ;-)

No song today, can't think of any.

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